Monday, 9 July 2012

Week 1, July 2012

As mentioned previously, I thought that instead of reporting the profit/loss performance of each service on a daily basis, I'd report instead each Monday, and make the odd comment.

First though...

Sunday's Betting

Again, just On The Nose providing any interest in the racing yesterday. Two selections, both of which ran very well at decent prices to finish second in their respective races. Only one of them was backed each way though (Jamsie Hall - Limerick - 10/1); enough to bag a very small overall profit.

Fairly busy with the football and a very good weekend for Summer Of Football who yesterday found winners in Brazil (x4), and the MLS (x1). Just one outright loser and another void bet for a strong return overall. A fair proportion of that profit was eroded though by Form Lab Lite, which could find just one winner from four matches played in, and Service X which were two from five (plus one void bet).

So, Week 1 of July 2012.

Well, I mentioned on Saturday that it had been a break even day, and Week 1 has been just a little better than a break even week. The roi is currently running at 3.71%.

The doldrums that the racing side of the portfolio found itself stuck in through June has to a large extent continued. Wayne at Northern Monkey has decided that with the weather being as it is and the racing being pretty uninspring this week, that he should take a holiday and I can't help feeling that it is a sensible move. The ridiculous weather must be making things tricky identifying good bets and Wayne's form hasn't been too great recently. No returns in Week 1 is testament to that.

Similarly Winning Racing Tips has found the going tough, but On The Nose has shown an encouraging return to form. It's not just some profits being made, but the horses The Judge is now picking seem to be running much better than they had for a large part of last month. Sunday was typical, with two good runs from two selections at 8/1 and 10/1.

Finally, a big tip of the hat in the direction of The Market Examiner who found a lovely 12/1+ winner on Friday to provide a good first week's profit.

Northern Monkey: Staked 7.75pts, -7.75pts, roi -100%
On The Nose: Staked 7.5pts, +7.25pts, roi 96.66%
The Sportsman Racing: N/A
Winning Racing Tips: Staked 2pts, -1.331pts, roi -66.55%
The Market Examiner: Staked 7pts, +6.17pts, roi 88.14%

Total racing roi: -8.05%

As mentioned above, a great weekend for Summer of Football, which means that the first week of July has been a good one for this service. Service X has been solid without pulling up any trees, and a disappointing week for Form Lab Lite.

Summer Of Football: Staked 12pts (£600), +2.058pts (+£102.92), roi 17.15%
Form Lab Lite: Staked 10pts (£400), -0.622pts (-£24.90), roi -6.22%
Service X: Staked 67pts, +4.461pts, roi 6.65%

Total football roi: 7.34%.


  1. Market Examiner had a bet on Sunday which you haven't mentioned (it lost).

  2. Thanks for following our service and glad you enjoyed this weekend's results. I'm hoping it's the start of a decent run to help grow our betting bank!
    James, Summer of Football

  3. LB - you're quite right. Figures are accurate though. :)

  4. Hey James,

    Me too! Keep the winners coming! ;)