Friday, 27 July 2012

Fast one.

Typical, quick end of week update for you.

Thursday's Betting

Not a great day, unfortunately, with the continuing woes of Sportyy dictating that the day produce a loss. The run they are on beggars belief really and surely a change in fortune is imminent. There was a late winner yesterday but another three losers meant another substantial deficit.

A very small loss from Service X which found three winners, a void bet, and three losers.

On the nags, The Market Examiner's only wager was unsuccessful, Northern Monkey didn't produce a return from two bets either, but things were essentially evened out by On The Nose, who have now had five consecutive horses finish in second place, with the two today enough to secure a fair profit (Raajih - Uttoxeter - 14/1 and Arizona John - Doncaster - 6/1).

I ache. Badly. I'm not so much stiff as rigid. And I have a match tomorrow. Oh joy.

Have a great weekend folks. Anyone watching the Olympics?

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